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The approach through our unique wedding and design process allows us to work with every client to customize a design package that brings your dream wedding to life. We not only manage every detail of your event but create a design that reflects the couple's style. Our relationship with the top vendors in the area, allows Octavia Michelle Events to create your everlasting memory.

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We start with a one-on-one initial consultation, where we get to know you and fiancé and learn exactly what your dream wedding looks like. We recognize that every couple is unique so, we offer custom options to suit your every need.



After our consultation, my team and I collaborate and come up with a design package that best fits your needs. We provide advice and manage every detail of the wedding day. 



Here is where we connect with the best exclusive partners in that area that best fit your wedding vision. This will give you peace of mind where every detail will be executed flawlessly.


Meet Octavia


Octavia has been planning, designing, and executing weddings and events for more than 10 years. We are committed to providing excellent services and we understand that our clients hire us to be an extension of themselves. Octavia and her team go above and beyond to learn the ways in which she can stay true to their values, visions, goals. Confidence, friendship, and trust flourish as she works with her clients, culminating in an event that is executed and remembered for years to come. Octavia has a sharp eye for design and a natural skill for staying on top of every detail. She demonstrates precise planning and passion for protection. When your day finally arrives, you’ll find yourself worry-free with complete faith in Octavia and her team to execute the celebration you’ve been planning and dreaming about for years. So, it’s safe to check off Certified Event Planner from your wedding list.

When Octavia isn’t creating fabulous events, she is spending spare time with family and hunting for new inspirations to share with her clients. This way she can always offer her clients the most updated ideas with a touch of their own personal style.

Client Love

"I was so happy to see how my favorite colors were put together. It was beautiful and set up nicely. My guest who came was in ooh. I would use her again and again."

- Malissa B.

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